make a wish day….

today in the ferris household, we’re closing our eyes for a mere few moments, squeezing them tight, and making a wish.

an affirmation.
a hope.
a dream.
a prayer.
asking for.
putting it all out there.

we decided it was a good way to start this gorgeous day.

please, close your eyes… count to ten… and make a wish.

what do you need? want? hope for?
what would give you peace? comfort? joy?

send us your wishes. please. big, small, teeny, huge… write ’em down, share them.
put ’em out there in the universe.

i’m believing in the beauty of magic & miracles today.

i can even imagine all the fireworks that will follow.

dream big.
real big.

and ps: if you could, please, make a wish for planned parenthood, and gay rights, and same sex marriage, and healthcare & education & women’s rights, & men’s rights & that CHILDREN everywhere have have MANY RIGHTS, and pets and elder care and cures and that the middle class survives, and jobs, and freedom of speech & religion and financial security FOR ALL AND EVERYONE, and last but not least:
mother earth. she’s hurting. let’s help her.

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  1. Jane

    I wish my husband would stop drinking. If only wishing could make it so.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    I wish for peace. Inner, outer, world. For me. For you. For those that have hurt us. For those we’ve hurt. Peace.
    But even starting with just inner would be great.

  3. Erin Doyle

    i wish for hollye to be wildly successful in her publishing and writing career. gosh, i wish jane’s husband would stop drinking. and i wish we could all go on vacation together for a month in like Tuscany or some amazing villa where all our cares are GONE! xoxoxo

  4. Erin Doyle

    AND marriage equality, of course!

  5. Laura Hennessee-Smith

    I wish for strength and love eternal and peace (for myself & everyone else). I wish more people would open up their minds & hearts & give love & understanding to EVERYONE.

  6. Hollye Dexter

    I wish all of Erin’s ( and Laura’s, and Jane’s) wishes would come true. Especially the part about the month in Tuscany.

  7. Madgew

    I wish for chocolate to be healthy for you in great quantities. I wish life for all American’s got easier and everyone in our country had a place to call home, food to quench the hunger and a job to pay the bills. After all those wishes come true we can spread it out to the rest of the world.
    I wish that anywhere USA or Europe opens the opportunity to find a place to go for a month. I will start looking. If you envision it, it will come. Or build it and they will come. Also, of course good health to my family and friends and the ability to end your life when you decide, marry whom you want and live in a country free of hateful people.

  8. Carol

    I wish to be very healthy and strong. I wish for a long life so that I can enjoy my new marriage and family and children. I wish that I can help fill the void that my new family has had for so many years. I wish that I can help lighten Michael’s load of being an only parent and bread winner. I wish to see he and his children be happy and healthy and know that they are truly loved.
    PS, I wish for great weather on my wedding day too!!!

  9. Judy Becker

    I make a wish that emphatically dittos all the above…last week I had my 2 yr checkup w/my colon cancer doc…everything’s great-I told doctor I intend to see her at the 5 yr mark…I wish for continued great health & strength for myself & family & friends…l’ve rekindled my photography passion & wish to see one of my photos in the background of a tv show or movie…to continue to share my photos w/the world…to publish a photo essay book w/subjects that touch my heart…to become financially independent…& last to volunteer helping others where ever I can to pay back all that I’ve received…& to quadruple ditto Amy’s ps in this post…I am truly blessed & that I wish to share…love to you all…Judy : )

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