what i know on this day…

nothing beats love.
being liked is a real compliment.
it’s not about having money, it’s about having faith.
surrendering is NOT abandonment.
being taken care of is different than being cared for.
re-winding the past is not inspiring.
letting go is NOT ABOUT giving up.
releasing shame is all about standing in your truth.
worth is very different than value.
a grudge is a burden.
forgiveness cleans & lifts the soul.
not having enough is an illusion.
less IS more.
more should be shared.
sharing is different than giving away.
pro-choice also includes friends & family.
dogs are truly a best friend.
cats are lovers & snugglers & oh, so independent.
husbands need nurturing. (among many other things)
wives need to be valued. (among many other things)
children need to be seen & heard & loved & nurtured. (and on & on…)
patience = peace.
good friends are priceless.
there is magic everywhere.
loving UNCONDITIONALLY is so deeply underrated.
there is no shelf life for kindness. it never expires.

peace of mind is delicious.

and sometimes forever is just not long enough.

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  1. madgew

    Nothing beats it.

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