shame on…

i just wanna blame this on reality television. the dumbing down of america.
i wasn’t glued to the TV 24/7 watching this trial.
i did other things.
but i read about it, skimmed the pages, caught a glimpse on the news.

a pretty woman.
she played with her daughter.
both laughed.

then a glimpse of her dancing, sweating at some hot body contest. a few friends were with her, but their faces were blurred – after the child went missing.

she had a tattoo engraved – la bella vida (beautiful life) – after the child went missing.

more photos, more videos. more gory details. duct tape.
31 days of lies, secrets. more lies.

could she have possibly done this to her child?

then, one lie after another.

could she have done this?
more lies.

then a big huge holy shit bombshell: her father & brother BOTH sexually abused her. they both sexually abused her.

not true.

more lies.
more secrets.

her mother. her father. her brother.

she drowned.

her mouth and eyes were taped shut. duct tape.
the little tiny body hidden in the trunk of the car.
the smell of death.

more bombshells.
more partying. more dancing & laughing & drinking & hot body contests.

a circus, a media circus. fights erupting outside the courtroom. punching & swearing & violence.

bigger than OJ.
someone says.

just like OJ.
someone else says.

31 days.
a child is dead. abused, killed.
duct tape pulled & wrapped around her mouth. eyes shut. dead.

i mean, really, could she have done this?
i mean that photo & video of her laughing, giggling, tickling her daughter. shown over & over & over again.
a happy photo and video.

of course she could do this.
of course. of course.

it happens every day.
a child dies.
killed. brutally.

lies & cover-ups.

a jury comes back with not guilty.
not guilty.
not guilty.

marcia clark in her op/ed this morning writes that in scotland they have 3 verdicts: “guilty, not guilty, not proven.”

not proven.
beyond a doubt.

and so now a woman gets away with the death of her child.
and she may get out of prison this week. thursday.
another media circus.

another aborted attempt at righting a horrific wrong.
yes, an ABORTION.
a guilty verdict aborted.

and this woman will (maybe) go on to become a celebrity or at the very least a bigger one than she already is now. she’s probably more famous than meryl streep in certain circles.
and maybe she’ll get a reality show.
and maybe she’ll get a massive book deal. 7 figures and a huge book tour.
and maybe she’ll go on every single talk show. maybe the view. maybe good morning america.

maybe. and (maybe) she’ll party more. and get more tattoos, and plastic surgery, and become some kind of martyr heroine.

and they’ll replay that photo and video of her playing with her daughter.
you know, the pretty photo.
the one where the little girl is giggling & laughing.

her name was CAYLEE.
she was a beautiful adorable little girl.
full of life.

don’t you wish she could speak for herself now?

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10 Responses to “shame on…”

  1. madgew

    Shame on Casey, she knows what happened to Calley and now she must speak her truth. But, as a pathological liar and a psychopath she isn’t capable nor apparently are her parents.

  2. Astonia

    Well written, devastating, made me cry.

  3. Donald Sanders

    Yes, it’s reality TV. I have to say that everything within this young lady is within me as well, and maybe us all. However that is all behind me thanks to my wife and her loving family. I don’t think that Casey had it that good. I can find no love in her life anywhere, even within her own heart. This whole affair is very, very sad isn’t it? Without love there is no truth.

  4. Judy N

    Powerfully written and it cuts through the numbing circus around this case.
    I also understand what Donald means about Casey.

  5. David Lacy

    Hey! Some real perspective on this sobering matter. What a breath of fresh air.

  6. madgew

    Sometimes you have to find your own love. Starting with self first.

  7. kristine

    You captured the raging thoughts inside my head. So much sorrow, so much deception! Hard to imagine this young mother being able to carve any kind of life for herself. Wouldn’t the truth at least have set her free?

  8. Lisa

    I, like you, viewed from the perhery, but another little girl caught my eye.abright eyed blonde headed littke girl who ws so very sure thar she was right. She would tell the world. Make thebwhole country see Casey as a villian.
    She lied.
    She danced,
    She acted like an irresponsible guilty child
    But guilty of WHAT?
    That is where the collective conxious took a wrong turn
    We followed namcy Grace dowm tje Tot Mom trail and forgot our status as fellow human.
    Casey hid the body of her dead child. She covered up that death and lied about it. But it is highly more likely that she did this after failing to watch over her and finding her face down in a poqol.
    Nancy didntwant to believe thia. She still doesnt. I do
    Sorry Cailey
    Sorry Callie

  9. Jane

    All the people who are outraged and sickened by this story MUST refuse to buy any publication that pays her for her story, any book that she is paid to write, and watch any show she is paid to appear on.
    For what it’s worth, I just read that some XXX Porn guy had already offered her a ton of money and today he has recinded his offer because he even HIS customers reacted with outrage. This woman is a pariah. And karma is a bitch.

  10. melody george

    Thank you Amy…thank you for saying what I didnt know how to say..Thank you for speaking you very very well..and saying out loud..what we are all thinking. Thank you.

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