our "secret" garden


and more...

and a bit more...

oh, a bit more....


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8 Responses to “iKen, myKen – HIS MAGIC GARDEN!”

  1. madgew

    What is that old structure in the background? I love the magic in and around your house and what looks like a little house. So beautiful. Can’t wait to visit. I think our planning meeting should happen at your place. Hollye and I can come to you.

  2. Amy Ferris

    madge, that’s not our house – that’s our garage.
    what old structure?
    love you!!!!!!

  3. Hollye Dexter

    I’m so proud of you for uploading pics!!! Beautiful garden!
    Where’s the accompanying story about having hundreds of strangers parade through your house all weekend on the garden tour?

  4. Jane

    Just beautiful.

  5. madgew

    That old structure looked like an old barn but now I see it is a great garage. I thought it could be a tool shed.

  6. Denise Fey

    Quite possibly my favorite of all of your posts.. It felt deep, and real…Open and honest…A true awakening and acknowledgement of your own ability, worth and life.. A discovery of the real Amy..
    And as for Ken, your beautiful loving Ken, his garden is simply enchanting!! Amy Ferris, you are so truly blessed!!!

  7. Kim LePiane

    How gorgeous! I’m transported!

  8. kellapitter

    Hi Amy,
    Well, I just finished MGC and felt the urge to find you and let you know that I loved it! I could have been reading about myself, with one exception—I sleep well. My heart goes out to you for that.
    My whole life has been in menopausal turmoil, and I ponder, should I move from the city to Milford? Thanks for the read, Kathy

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