MOMMY is pissed

mother nature.
all powerful!

it’s not called father nature.

there is a buddhist saying, if the people are pure, the land will be pure. if the people are impure, the land will be impure.
i always liked that.
to the point.
i didn’t always know what it meant, but i liked it. it had a good strong ring to it.
you know, mean breeds mean, anger breeds anger. love, well, love breeds goodness & kindness & so much more love.


sitting here watching the weather channel, watching the hurricane being tracked, i can’t help but think: hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunami’s, mud slides, hailstorms, freak snow storms, thunderstorms, fires, tornadoes.

holy mother nature.

angry weather.
fearful weather.

powerful & mean weather.
scary weather.

frightening weather.
isolating weather.
get the fuck outta here and hide weather.

i can’t help but think there is so much greed & avarice & ignorance in the world right now. so much. so much more violence & anger & hatred, so much corruption. so much righteousness. so much emotional hoarding, & spiritual bankruptcy, not to mention financial inequalities. political upheaval. everything seems to be right on the edge. hanging in the balance.
more greed.
more avarice.
much more ignorance.

so much is at stake.
human rights.
women’s rights.
gay rights.
animal rights.
freedom of religion.
children’s rights.

and so many folks i know have a storm or two of their own brewing. right inside of them. right there in the center, by the heart.

if the people are pure, the land will be pure. if the people are impure, the land will be impure.

i think about haiti; the people are so glorious. joyous. gorgeous. but the politicos are so corrupt. so dangerous. so mean.
new orleans. the same. the folks are just pure joy. happy. vibrant. but the politics & corruption goes so deep. so deep. so many secrets, so much evil.
and corruption never wins. never. it may last awhile, but it runs it’s course. it runs out.

and it never leaves quietly.

maybe what we oughta do is start tracking greed, avarice & ignorance, see where it lives. see where it breeds. see what form it takes.

mother nature is pissed.
and man, oh man, she has every right to be.

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4 Responses to “MOMMY is pissed”

  1. Jacqui

    mother nature
    ‘if mama ain’t happy…nobodies happy’
    maybe we should heed the warning and make sure she feels loved
    like she says: i’ve seen fire and i’ve seen rain, I’ve seen sunny day that I thought would never end…’

  2. Madgew

    I agree Amy. Hoping this is more hype than real. We need to take heed of all the shit going on and at least work on what we can now and make plans to fix everything else. WOW we have a lot of fucking work to do.

  3. Michael Ann

    I would go along with that. I like a lot of Buddhist thinking and this one makes sense. Nicely said.

  4. kristine

    I am on the other side of the country, but my heart is with all of you. It does feel like the soul of the universe has a thing or two to say about the current state of affairs. If the earth is HER child, than her child has had one tantrum too many and she is going do something about it.
    Please, one and all, take care. According to the Tao, “no storm last forever.”

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