This is a direct quote, (cut and pasted), from THE HUFFINGTON POST:
“South Dakota can require doctors to tell women who seek abortions that they have an “existing relationship” with their fetus that is protected by law and that they can’t be forced to undergo the procedure, a federal appeals court ruled Friday.

The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned U.S. District Judge Karen Schreier’s ruling two years ago in which she struck down the requirement, which is part of a larger law requiring South Dakota doctors to provide women with certain information before an abortion can be deemed voluntary.

The law mandates that the doctor must tell an abortion seeker that she “has an existing relationship with that unborn human being and that the relationship enjoys protection under the United States Constitution and under the laws of South Dakota.”

I wanna talk about abortions.
I wanna talk about a relationship between MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS.
I wanna talk about the relationship between the man & the woman and the non-existing relationship that many many, many, many men & women have after having sex, and the relationship between that woman & her unwanted pregnancy.
I wanna talk about how no one – NOT ONE SOUL – should ever tell you how to live your life, or ABORT the choices that you want to make because you have chosen to live a better life.
I wanna talk about the children who are unwanted who end up dead or in prison because they never felt love or cared for because they were never wanted in the first place.
I wanna talk about my friends who are lesbians and queer and gay who make the very best parents because holy shit they wanted to have kids BECAUSE OF THE LOVE THEY HAVE IN THEIR HEARTS and souls.
I wanna talk about the foster care system and the folks who RETURN their kids because, well, they didn’t want them anymore.
I wanna talk about the billboards that line the highways that say: ABORTION IS MURDER, across from the billboards that say: MOMMY WANTS A GUN FOR CHRISTMAS, SUPPORT THE NRA.
I wanna talk about SEX AND DEATH, even though death is not a popular sexy subject, and sex is so fucking taboo.
I wanna talk about rape and pedophiles and sexual abuse and a woman’s right to speak the truth and not be vilified.
I wanna talk children being protected, women being protected, men & boys being protected from sexual predators, and child molester’s and priests & spiritual leaders who in fact believe that God is in the details: the secret shameful details the ones that should be hidden and tucked away.
I wanna talk about the little girl who was 14 years old, and had a baby and two years later killed both herself and the baby and left a note saying:

No. It. Wasn’t.
I wanna talk about saving our girls & boys from this kind of shame.

hollye dexter and I are doing just that with THE SHAME PROM.
please, join us.

we are starting a SHAMELESS e-Volution.

Now. Today. This moment.

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