as long as you have your health… care.

the 60’s, the 70’s.
i’m not talking age.
i’m talking two decades – the 1960’s, the 1970’s.

for one second, please, close your eyes and think about the music, the art, the films, the fashion, the cultural revolution that came out of that time, those years.
the hairstyles, the clothing.
the artists, the writers, the photographers, the musicians, the designers.
the television, the theater, the movies.
the women’s movement, the magazines, the architecture … quaaludes.

it was perfect.


powerful. invigorating. inspiring.

a generation of groovy. cool. hip.

WE are the words, the music, the paintings. the sculpture, the houses, the buildings.
WE are the artists, the writers, the filmmakers, the designers, the fashionistas, the architects, the movement, the revolution, the ideas, the visionaries, the entrepreneurs, the educators, the doctors, the weavers, the leaders, the teachers, the nurses, the lawyers, the builders.

we are a generation that changed the world.
we will not disappear.
go homeless.
feel depleted, and abandoned.
worry sick about worrying sick.
lose our voices & our healthcare.
stand on the sidelines.
lose our way. our jobs. our identity.

no. oh no. we will not.

how about re-igniting THAT TORCH?

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5 Responses to “as long as you have your health… care.”

  1. Madge

    I was just commenting on something else today and said the same thing. Where are the protests of the 60’s. I want to protest other than petitions online. I want marches, I want signs and I want action.
    Very well said Amy.

  2. Deb McGrath

    Right on Sister right on.

  3. kristine

    every minute of every day we have the opportunity to rise up, one way or the other…speak up, show up, stick up for those who need us…this piece is a challenge to remember who we are and what we value…

  4. Debra DeAngelo

    Wow… I was just thinking this same thing on the drive to San Francisco this morning… listing to all those songs with a loving theme like “Put a little love in your heart” … Wondering where that vibe disappeared to. It’s not in the world anymore.
    How do we get it back?

  5. Debra DeAngelo

    Where did this spirit go:

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