tragic choices

i’m at a loss.

i’m one of these women who for the life of me can’t understand the term pro-life. i just don’t frickin’ get it. i mean i get the whole right wing, religious right pro stand. actually, truthfully, i don’t ‘get it,’  i mean i get that it’s their term. the whole pro-life debate.

but truthfully, i find it repugnant.



a) i really truly deeply love and appreciate and treasure life, and b) all those pro-life people also happen to make – get this – choices every single day.

but this is what i really don’t understand, what makes me left of sick to my stomach: this whole birth control movement that teaches and instills the vital and singular importance of abstinence as a preventative. a) it denies the human truth that human sexuality begins peaking in the teenage years. and b) you can’t stop it. it’s the hormone train. we have to teach and instill self-respect, self-love, the power of NO, and birth control, and  the vital and necessary importance of condoms.

it’s not just black or white, there’s a whole grey area that’s filled with choices, decisions, opinions, and opportunities.

50 or more shades of it.

let me tell you what i saw on TV the other day. i saw a 25 year old woman who had just killed – with her bare hands – her twin babies. newborns. she said after she killed the first one, the second one was much easier to kill. a 25 year old who did not want to have babies. she did not want to have children. but wasn’t going to get an abortion, and so, she carried these twins full term, and then killed them.

okay, so now three lives – three lives – are completely destroyed. three. two babies. one mom/woman.

i have an idea: why not go around to all the women’s correctional centers and jails throughout the country, and interview and ask these young women and girls had they been given the chance – the choice – the chance to make a choice, would they have chosen to have a child and then kill it, or would they had aborted it.

what would their CHOICE have been?

their choice. their true choice.

there is something horrifically wrong when abortion is considered murder, but taking a baby to term, and ending that life seems to have little or less controversy. there’s very little press and print about this issue.

this truly deeply horrifies me.

the whole RIGHT TO LIFE movement encouraging (many of) our young children to have babies. to give life. to stop the “cruel and vile and horrific” cycle of abortion. because abortion is, well, murder.

the billboards that fill the highway – the fear of god right there. RIGHT there. a billboard, a young mother holding an infant, and it reads: THE ONLY CHOICE IS LIFE.

and then some of these young girls and boys abuse and kill their babies. leave them in garbage cans, beat them to a pulp, burn them to a crisp, sexually abuse them, and abandon them.

they are NOT WANTED.

some, not all, young girls are carrying babies they cannot, for the life of them, love. some of these young girls (and boys) are not taught the value and dignity and importance of THEIR OWN LIFE, THEIR OWN EXISTENCE.

Pro-life does not – DOES NOT – equal love, or compassion or humanity or decency.

this is an epidemic.
babies having babies they don’t want, and can’t afford to take care of – carrying that resentment and anger on one shoulder, as they carry the baby on the other. along with carrying a child, they carry a major burden.

this must stop.

this isn’t PRO-LIFE.

don’t kid yourself.

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  1. Madgew

    Amy, this is beautifully written with real soul. I agree and you are speaking to the choir I am sure on your blog. Sad that this is still not a free choice for anyone who wants it. As evidence mounts that the fastest growing abuse is between teen girls and their boyfriends (with or without babies). This statistic lets us all know teens are not ready to be lovers or parents except for a very tiny tiny group. Our country is so puritanical and seems to be getting worse.

  2. Judy Becker

    Beautifully written Amy..totally agree…there is lots of movement by politicians to cut funding for Planned Parenthood…abortions provided would be gone…so too would be screening for cervical & breast cancer…consider too clinics providing abortions (sometimes because of a medical need) have been bombed & medical caregivers attacked…pro-choice people it seems would want to take away women’s rights to make their own choices…: )…judy

  3. kristine

    MOVED TO TEARS…the right wing will deny abortion and then execute an innocent man…the hypocrisy is overwhelming.

  4. Czashka ross

    All pro lifers need to line up and happily willingly and honestly take, adopt,foster forever these unwanted babies and mentor and educate the young girls and boys whose lives have been derailed by bringing an unwanted pregnancy to term

    Sure the kids shouldn’t have but they did. More lives shouldn’t be ruined in the process. What is worse than facing the world unwanted, neglected and rejected?

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