stay hungry, stay foolish – my JOBS plan

stay hungry, stay foolish.
steve jobs loved that motto.
he said so at his stanford commencement speech back in 2005.

i dreamed the other night that steve jobs died.
i didn’t know him.
i had never slept with him.
i never met him.
i knew he was very, very, very sick.

but still, it was a premonition.

i woke up and knew he was going to die.

sometimes i have those kind of premonitions.
i should pay more attention.

dreams. dreaming.
dreaming big.

steve jobs was a big huge dreamer. he went for broke. he followed his gut, his intuition and didn’t much sway from his own heart and soul. he changed the world, our world. his was not an ordinary path. he was adopted. he dropped out of college, and when he came to blows with john sculley, he went out and started PIXAR. not too shabby. and then he returned to APPLE, and well, everything “tech” changed.

i’m never, in a million frickin’ years, gonna be a tech genius, for god sake, i can barely figure out downloading and attaching photos – but BUT the whole notion of following your heart, believing in yourself, going for broke … now that’s something i can stand behind, in complete solidarity.

i am a firm believer that one human being can change the destiny of a nation.
one human being has the power to transform hearts and souls.
one human being can make life easier and better for many, if not all.
one human being can be brave enough to listen to their own heart… follow their intuition…

i frickin’ love what he said to john sculley – who he was luring to APPLE to be it’s CEO from Pepsi-Cola:
“Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water, or do you want a chance to change the world?”

RIP steve jobs, thanks for taking a bite out of the apple.

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6 Responses to “stay hungry, stay foolish – my JOBS plan”

  1. Beverlee Peters

    Love this!! Made me a little teary eyed….. not because I knew Steve Jobs personally, but because he truly did change the world. Our generation knows this. Our childrens generation will never know any different. Our younger generation did not need to learn the difference between a Mac and a PC. They just were born “knowing”. I had to “learn” how to use a Mac- but after setting aside all my fears (everyone said it was soooo hard) it was one of the best decisions I ever made! I relish in spending time in an Apple Store (almost as much as shoe shopping)! May he RIP. You, dear Amy have the power to transform heart & souls. I believe in YOU!!

  2. kristine

    dreamers are what make the world a better place…endless possibilities, an aversion to the word NO, hope that defies hopelessness…and my sweet friend, it takes one to know and appreciate another. you may never be a tech genius, but GENIUS you are…NO DOUBT.

  3. Vickie Stahl

    Heartfelt tribute

  4. Barbara@TheMiddleAges

    I have been feeling incredibly teary about the death of this magnificent man. This rebel. This singular, world-changing genius. He does give hope to all those who believe in going for it despite everything. Great tribute, Amy!

  5. Madgew

    He was a visionary. I just wish he had contributed to charity more. I also am glad he has a recycling program because his products get updated too often. Planned obsolesce. I was listening to NPR and they were talking about this as well. Not taking away anything from him but he was about making profits and getting people to think they need something frequently and the newest greatest gadget of Apple. To me getting people to think they need something before they do is a visionary.

  6. Jane

    I am surprised at how sad I was to hear of his passing. And I am surprised at how many other people feel the same way. He is so completely out of the rhelm we mere mortals live in – both intellectually and financially. Usually that kind of person doesn’t ‘touch’ the little folks, but yet he did. It certainly must have more to do with our love of our I-whatevers. Honestly, for me, I think it has to do with the fact that he was SO brilliant and SO wealthy…and yet, so young, he died. We are so used to the uber-wealthy buying their way out of things. And yet, death, has once again leveled the playing field. And that has made him human to us, and mourn his loss.

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