an affair to remember

why is it we have such a hard time giving up the pleasing others, and the saying yes when we really truly wanna say no. why is it so hard to replenish ourselves.
fill ourselves up.
take care of ourselves.

well, today … and if only for today … this is my suggestion:

have an affair with yourself.
go on.

take yourself to lunch. or dinner. for a glass of wine. toast yourself. tell yourself a joke and laugh out-loud.
take yourself to a movie and eat all the popcorn and twizzlers. then eat a TUMS.
watch the dreck on TV that you always wanna watch but someone always says, ‘oh, man, that’s stupid.’
give yourself a break. seriously. stop talking bad about you. now. stop talking and thinking bad about yourself.
buy yourself a trinket. something small. but significant. meaningful. and when you give it to yourself, say, “i really love you.”
play the pointer sisters CD, and JUMP. dance. sing along. on key, off key. be sexy. dance! dance! dance! with or without clothes. let it rip.
take out your make-up kit and curl your lashes. and then … bat those eyelashes right back at you.
go for a walk and hold your hands.

buy yourself a bouquet of flowers and write on the card: YOU MAKE ME SWOON.

call yourself on your cell phone from your landline and when you answer your cell, say: YOU ARE GORGEOUS AND SEXY AND FUNNY AND TALENTED AND I LOVE YOU. (and don’t hang up on yourself!)

and last but not least, at the end of this date/affair (and it’s your choice if you want to have sex on a first date) remember to hold yourself and whisper: thank you.

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4 Responses to “an affair to remember”

  1. Madgew

    I try to do this everyday. Great advice Amy.

  2. Carolyn Wyler

    This was brilliant and funny. Absolutely loved it!

  3. Barbara@TheMiddleAges

    Love this idea! And I think it’s absolutely life-saving.

  4. kristine

    you know I needed this! this morning, walking on the beach with eloise…spotting pelican’s, half-nude roller bladers, and lots of people fishing from the pier…gotta love california. I adore you and am taking your advice, loving just BEING!

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