avatar i am the 51%

i am the 51%.
stop degrading me. air-brushing me. selling me short. I AM VIBRANT AND I CAN STAND ON MY OWN.
i am the 51%.
stop violating me. humiliating me. hurting me. I AM STRONG AND POWERFUL.
i am the 51%.
stop making me believe that i’m not enough, not good enough, not worthy enough. I AM MORE THAN ENOUGH.
i am the 51%.
stop treating me like i’m stupid, dumb, faulty and unattractive because i wear a little bit more weight. I CAN CARRY MY OWN WEIGHT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.
i am the 51%.
stop offending me with the wrong images and sexism and demeaning role models. I AM A GODDESS.
i am the 51%.
stop refusing me equal pay and equal time. I DESERVE AND WANT EQUAL RIGHTS.
i am the 51%.
stop silencing my voice, my stand, my reason, my cause. I AM PASSIONATE, AND BRILLIANT, AND CLEVER, AND YOU NEED TO HEAR WHAT I HAVE TO SAY.
i am the 51%.
stop asking me to get up from the table, and stand in the back of the line. I WILL NOT GIVE UP MY SEAT FOR YOU, AND I WILL NOT GIVE UP.
i am the 51%.
stop shrinking me, altering me, and tightening my face to sell me. I AM PERFECT AND MAGNIFICENT JUST AS I AM.
i am the 51%.
stop limiting my opportunities, and cutting back my pay. I AM INVALUABLE, AND PRICELESS.
i am the 51%.
stop treating me like an object. a sexual toy, a punching bag, a victim, a selling point, a video game. stop sexualizing me, and minimizing me.


i am the 51%.
i win.


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    Hollye Dexter

    This should be on a poster.

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    Did you see Miss Representation on the Oprah network? It was on this topic. Great blog today.

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    Debra DeAngelo

    BEAUTIFUL. Fucking BEAUTIFUL! Hear us ROAR!!!!

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    GREAT piece, Amy!

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