Great FULL

I am grateful.
The good times.
The not good times. (they make me stronger, more thoughtful, dig deeper).
The good friends.
The not good friends. (they make me stop, and think, and re-assess, and re-evaluate: am I a pleaser, co- dependent, too eager?)
The good moods.
The not good moods. (Mine. Ken’s. Others. Strangers. Friends.)
The good neighbors.
The not good neighbors. (loud, unkind, environmentally thoughtless)
The good family.
The not good family. (I’ve learned to love and value myself more, appreciate myself more, stand tall and stand up.)
The good work I do.
The not good work I do. (so i can be a better writer, a greater writer, a brilliant writer. less critical and less judgmental of myself.)

I am grateful for the kind ones, the generous ones, the ones who stand up while shaking in their boots, the ones who call and say, ‘I love you,’ the ones who forgive, who believe, who root me on and lift me up, the ones who dance with me, who wait until i get inside so I can turn the porch light on, the ones who call to see if I need anything, the ones who send cards and flowers just because, the ones who cry on MY shoulder so I can feel and be needed, the ones who cook and clean and care for others daily, the ones who serve our Country and the ones who buy American.

I am grateful for the mistakes I’ve made. Each has become a mission.
I am grateful for the men I dated. Each got me to Ken.
I am grateful for the books I’ve written, and tossed aside. They got me to write from my soul and heart, to step out of my comfort zone.
I am grateful for the friends who came and stayed. New and old friendships. They circle my heart.
For the family who visits.

For the town I live in. The car I drive. The money I saved. The food I eat. The talent I have. The house Ken built.

I am grateful.
Oh so grateful.

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4 Responses to “Great FULL”

  1. Madgew

    Beautifully said.

  2. georgie scarpato

    Being grateful is a beautiful thing…….so thankful we all have that ability!! Love this….and you!!! <3

  3. Debbie

    Beautiful post Amy.
    And I am grateful for you. My friend.


  4. Debra

    I am grateful for YOU!!!
    Love you!!!!

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