OMG DAY ONE of our Kickstarter campaign!

Okay, day one.
Yep. A little scary!!!!!!!

Day one.
We have 45 days to go.

I’m going to be asking for a lot of things in the next 45 days. Everything from donating money to sending prayers and magical concoctions…But mostly cash. Lots of cash.

We’re raising $12,500 to help fulfill many pieces of this magical puzzle. We’re opening end of February in New York City at The CAP21 Theatre – the brand new gorgeous Black Box theatre – and will run for an entire month. Raising funds will help us maintain the beauty and uniqueness of this play. Our fearless director, Frank Ventura, is leading us with brilliance and humor and an iron clad determination. We are excited. Eliza Ventura is our in house Goddess extraordinaire.


First up:

A dollar. Five dollars. Ten dollars. More, less. Truly. Each one counts, every single penny is going into the production side, so all the folks who are working to bring this new play to life get paid. And of course your donation has some goodies attached (see on the side board of the kickstarter page for the goodie bag info!)

Marrying George Clooney (the play) is about menopause, social networking, dementia, midlife, love, life, families, marriage, awakenings, friendships, googling old boyfriends @ 3 am, Ambien, confessions, and fantasies.

It’s about giving birth to yourself, falling in love with yourself, and mostly MOSTLY it’s the realization that we women no longer have to punctuate any single part of our lives with a period.


Save a menopausal woman today.
It’s gonna change your life, I promise.

okay, here’s the link! go on.
go on…

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  1. Jane

    I promised I will pledge! But I can’t until after the end of December because I went NUTS with my credit card for Christmas. Next billing period! I promise!!!

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