in AWE – day 3: Marrying George Clooney kickstarter campaign

I am in awe.


I am in awe of anyone and everyone who can campaign and push, push and
campaign for their projects, their dreams, their goals. With a determination & a spirit, a smile and grace.

Oh my God, I am in awe of folks who want to give up but don’t, who dream big and then
dream a bit bigger & bigger. I am in awe of those who climb mountain after
mountain and never look back or look down. I am in awe of those who
step out of the box, who jump off the edge, who are scared to death of going after what they want, but
are more frightened of not taking risks.

I am in awe of everyone and anyone who ever had a dream and brought it
to fruition in spite of every obstacle and side step. Never giving up. One more step. One more push. One more climb. One more puddle to jump over.

I am in awe of dreamers, and doers, and campaigners and folks who say, “Not today, you can’t discourage me today…”

I am in awe of those who believe that nothing is impossible, that all is possible, that the word “no” should never be taken personally. That going after what you want is not selfish, that fulfilling a dream gives others hope, that standing up for what you believe in takes courage and faith and guts. That saying YES to life opens up all doors, and that everyday a miracle is created.

On this day -this Friday – the end of the first week of our kickstarter campaign, I am in awe of anyone and everyone who dreams, who asks for what they want, who is willing to take a chance on making a difference.

Thank you all for filling this Friday with awe.

20 people have already donated, contributed – have said YES – to helping us fulfill OUR DREAM of bringing Marrying George Clooney to the stage; helping us climb a mountain, step out of the box… take a risk.

I am in awe of all of you who believe in the beauty and power of magic & miracles.

I am in awe.

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