my KICKASS (kickstarter) campaign: day 86,894

Okay, so here goes.

I hate asking for money. i hate asking people who owe me money to give me the money they owe me.
i hate asking for change.
It’s up there with wearing orange.
i’m not an orange kind o’ gal. fashion-wise.

today i had lunch with a gorgeous, amazing TALENTED (oh, so very talented) friend of mine, and after catching up on you know, all the mundane “life stuff” like… pensions, and social security, and the state of the country – we got to talking about these KICKSTARTER campaigns, the one I’m doing, and the one her daughter is doing, and how hard & difficult & painful it is.
Yes, truly, it is.
It is so hard.
So frickin’ hard.
It’s so very hard to write/blog about it. And I’m supposed to be blogging about it every day.

And let me tell you why, and no, no… this is not going where you think it’s going.

i’t’s all about generosity of spirit.
generosity. of. spirit.

do you know how hard it is to ask YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY & acquaintances & PEOPLE slash STRANGERS for one dollar, five dollars, ten dollars over & over & over again knowing that they are not contributing? And won’t contribute. Ever. Never.

A buck. A five. Seven bucks, the cost of a pack of cigarettes.
It is so difficult.
Oh my god, how difficult?
i need a shingles shot.

Because, I don’t wanna know that folks in my life don’t have that generosity bone. I don’t wanna know that. I don’t wanna believe for one second that they won’t donate five dollars to my dream.

It makes me so sad.
A bit angry.
Internally bitter (and trust me, god knows, bitter Amy is not sexy!)
A tad confused.
It makes me check my caller ID on a minute to minute basis.
It makes me think, huh, but I donated to their cause, dream, organization, weekly haircut, their rent, their mortgage payment, their vacation in the South of France. I donated. I opened my wallet. I wrote the check. I gave.
I gave.
I gave.
I gave.

OMFG, you wanna know how this makes me feel: It makes me feel so fucking resentful, and god knows, that is not how I want to feel or be.

I don’t wanna live in ResentVille. A virtual community filled with bitter, angry people, who have no fashion sense what so ever, all throwing their virtual eggs at each other.

okay, fine, getting off the dead horse that I’m somehow beating to death all over again.

What I really want to say is this:

Support your friends.
Support their dreams.
Support their hearts desire.
Root them on.
Cheer them on.
Give them a standing ovation.
Make them feel good.
Give them hope.
Then give them more hope.
Shine a light on them.
Give them courage.
Don’t be stingy.
Don’t withhold.
Champion their causes.
Wish them well.
Wish them happy.
Wish them great luck.
Kick jealousy and resentment and snarky to the fucking curb.

When you donate a dollar, a five, ten bucks…
you know what you’re giving them – the belief that they matter.

you’re also giving them the opportunity to thank you with great enthusiasm and much appreciation at the Academy Awards, the Tony Awards, the Emmy’s, the Addy’s, the Cleo’s.

And on… and on…

The gift of giving.

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3 Responses to “my KICKASS (kickstarter) campaign: day 86,894”

  1. Rebecca Weinstein

    Amen sister! Give to her campaign, and then give to mine. I’ll take the change behind the couch cushions. Seriously.

  2. beryl l marranzino

    I have read the book loved it but all i want is george clooney under my xmas tree or mistletoe. that is my campaign the donation of george would be perfect

  3. Laura H.

    This is just amazing Amy! Don’t forget a link to your Kickstarter though 😉 xoxo

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