you make me swoon.
you make me count my blessings.
you make me feel like i swallowed the sun.
you make me feel so proud of myself.
you make me want to be kinder, better, bigger, more.
you make me wish and pray for goodness as soon as i open my eyes.
you make me stop, and smell the roses, or coffee, depending on the time of day & year.
you make me say please and thank you.
you make me realize that nothing beats love.
you make me stop and think, and then speak.
you make my world better.
you make me appreciate the mistakes i’ve made because they got me here.
you make me treasure all our differences.
you make me believe that nothing is impossible.
you make me listen.
you make me look in your eyes.
you make me see the beauty in the world.

YOU make me feel so good and happy and joyous.

YOU … are ALL my friends.
YOU support me and love me, and root me on.
YOU are right there cheering, hoping, clapping…and wishing me well.

and i love YOU all.

my friends.
i thank YOU all!

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  1. kristine

    YOU ARE PURE GOODNESS and we are all better people cause you are in our lives…

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