houston, we have a problem

i’m sure there are going to be thousands of blogs and articles written about whitney houston. her life. her death.
her voice.

her voice.

that voice.

the one that you gave chills, goosebumps, made you wanna dance with somebody, anybody, she was always, always, always going to love you-u-u-u-u. always.

and all the stories about the drugs and the abuse and coke and crack and pills and all of that. there will be plenty of those stories.

i just wanna talk about the day whitney houston (kinda, sorta) saved me.

i had just been fired from a screenwriting job and AND i was stood up by some first class schmuck of a guy who thought he was so cool, so great, so fucking cute & sexy. he stood me up. he thought he was better than me. i was sad. bluer than blue. indigo blue. no work, no boyfriend, no lipgloss. i was driving on the long island expressway, listening to some guy on the radio (an AM station) talking about how to get rid of dust balls or some such thing, when i started changing the stations. country western, nah… opera, no thank you, classical… jazz… a little light am fm uh uh…. and then holy shit….oh my god – THAT VOICE – HER VOICE – on the radio singing I WANNA DANCE WITH SOMEBODY.

all of a sudden, honest to god, as i was singing along with her at the top of my lungs (completely off key) and dancing as i drove (one hand on, one hand off the steering wheel… yeah, that dance) – i knew i was going to be okay. i knew it. i could feel it. her voice gave me hope. it filled me with faith. i thought, ‘i’m gonna work again, i’m gonna date again and i’m gonna dance with somebody…”

i didn’t know why.
i just did.

she saved me that day.

i am blue… yes, indigo blue …that she couldn’t save herself.

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  1. Debra DeAngelo

    The night my mother died, I was driving home after work, across wide open fields in the rural area around here. There was the biggest, brightest full moon, and “The Greatest Love of All” came on the radio, and I remember feeling so alive and starting to be aware of who I was and what I wanted (I was only 27). And a couple hours later, I got the call. Maybe it was a message from my mother… a parting message before passing. I’d like to think of it that way.

    Beautiful blog, Amy. Amazing how a song can pinpoint a moment in our lives, isn’t it.

  2. Jane

    My girlfriend and I were talking about Demi Moore the other night. How we look at these people and think “They have it all – looks, money, talent! And it’s still not enough.” And now Whitney. Watching all the clips from The Bodyguard (LOVE that movie) and when she sang National Anthem. So, so beautiful, and talented and she undoubtedly loved her daughter as much as I love my daughter. Yet it was not enough. Why is that?

  3. Madgew

    She loved everyone else but not herself enough.

  4. Judy N

    Loved this.

  5. Donald K. Sanders

    Very nice Amy. Very nice.

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