in awe

i am in awe.

it was one year ago that hollye and I decided to take our ‘shame’ on the road, so to speak. we had come to the realization that if we could inspire and encourage women (and men) to release their own shame stories (along with us) then we could create an opportunity for people to heal. to awaken. to free themselves from the very stuff that keeps us all small, distant, at arms length.

one of the things i believe and know with every fiber in my being is that by sharing all our difficulties, our fears and doubts, our obstacles and struggles – all our deep god awful insecurities – we allow others the grace to open their hearts and souls. we give hope and courage. offer love and confidence. i always knew when i was in the thick of a struggle – it was so i could encourage and inspire another human being that they too will overcome theirs and create magic. i always knew my struggle was bigger than just me. i always knew that.

i am in awe of the 27 women who contributed to our anthology, dancing at the shame prom. each woman bared their soul. told their truth. dug deeper and further and harder. each woman took a breath along with a stunning leap of faith. from the daughter who didn’t know her dad, to the woman who learned to fly from a wheelchair, to a girl who kept the horrible dark secret of sexual abusive, to a woman who held onto a secret her whole entire life.

each one a revelation, and celebration.

i honor and treasure and adore all these women.
they give me courage.
they inspire me to dig deeper.
be braver.
they encourage me to stand tall.
stand proud.
they opened my heart and soul.
wide open.

i am so deeply, deeply proud of hollye’s heart.

i am so deeply proud of my own heart.
my wounds, my scars, my imperfections, and my mistakes.

oh, i am.
in awe.

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4 Responses to “in awe”

  1. kristine

    honestly one of life’s brightest spots…this community of women who know, love and support one another. i am so grateful.

  2. Molly Davis

    Yes … in awe. When we are inspired and act… we inspire. When we are afraid and yet choose to be courageous… we pave the way for others to find their own courage. When we speak up, others are more able to find their own voice. Thank you Ms. Amy… you are making the world a better place each and every day. Blessings upon blessings to you and to all.

  3. Amy Wise

    In awe to be a part of it all. I treasure the women in this book and am so thankful that you and Hollye had the courage to bring it to life. It’s going to be amazing!

  4. Debra DeAngelo

    I am in awe of YOU, Amy! You make dreams come true! 🙂

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