all you need is a dollar & a dream

Okay, so my friend calls me this morning and tells me I need to go to the local deli and buy a mega million lottery ticket because, you know, it’s a massive fucking jackpot, and i should go and buy a lottery ticket. i ask her point blank if she wins what she would do with the massive money, and she says, without missing a beat, i’d be very, very VERY happy. i ask her if she would share this massive money with any of her friends, and she kinda giggles and says, “oh, no, but i would be very very VERY happy.” and i say, “well, if i won, i would definitely share some of the money with my friends,” and she asks: “really, you would?” and i say, “yes, but not with you, because you wouldn’t share with me, and why should i share with you if you don’t wanna be generous with me?”
she laughs. a cute little giggle. my friend is cute, but maybe not as generous.
then i speak with another friend in NYC who tells me she wouldn’t give me a penny.
not a frickin’ penny.
obviously, i am way more generous than that friend.
i am in my pajamas. and to be quite honest, a pair of really worn pajamas – green & black pajama top and black pajama bottoms (yes, with some small holes). I slip into my striped (multi-color) rain boots and run downstairs where I run into ken who is doing something with wood. you know, some guy thing. maybe he’s making wood piles, or building a fire in the wood burning stove … anyway… i tell him i need to go to sisters deli and buy a lottery ticket, a mega millions lottery ticket, and he asks why, and i look at him and i say, “why?” and he says, “yeah, why?” and i say “well, ken i feel lucky.” and he says, “well, i’m not feeling all that good.. you know, my stomach still hurts and i feel a bit queasy, and …” i cut him off. I do one of those gigantic waves with my hand and say, “hey buddy, i feel fucking lucky. me. i feel so fucking lucky that not only could i win the mega fucking millions, but i feel like i could win an entire country plus a car dealership.”
“i’m going to sisters deli,” i tell him.
he tells me he’ll drive me.
he can tell that i am lucky.
he can see that.
i am lucky.

i am wearing pajamas and rain boots and my hair is a complete weird mess, and i have ten bucks to spend on a mega lottery ticket. he has stomach cramps and is covered – completely covered – in wood chips.

as we pull out of our driveway, honest to god, i feel like we’re randy & eve quaid.

we go to sisters deli. our local little wonderful corner deli, and being that i have never bought a mega millions lottery ticket before i am so excited i can burst. i tell the cashier that i feel very, very, very lucky.
she tells me everyone feels lucky.

the guy behind me says he doesn’t feel lucky.
i look at him.
he’s sweet.
really sweet.
i ask him why, “why don’t you feel lucky?”

he shrugs. you know the kinda shrug that says: i don’t know why, i just don’t feel lucky.
I squeeze his shoulder. and i say, “you’re lucky. trust me, BELIEVE ME, you are lucky.”

i buy my mega million lottery ticket… and as i walk out of the deli, i hear him say to the cashier: “i’m feeling a little luckier, i’ll buy one too.”

and that my friends, is called keeping HOPE alive, as in: i hope HOPE he wins.

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  1. Molly Davis

    Love, love, love this… and I have MISSED your thoughts… so nice to read and re-commit to HOPE and doing all I can to make sure he wins!

  2. kristine

    LOVE THE SIZE OF YOUR HOPER! You definitely have enough to share and you do it with absolute generosity.

  3. Deb

    Damn, I hope *you* win! Will you share with Facebook friends? Cause I’d share with you…

    I love chatting up strangers. I have practically no friends, but the family is always left waiting when I go out in public because I’m talking with everyone. I just love hearing people’s stories. You tell it, I’ll listen. Even if it’s about the hip replacement surgery you had last year. And really, what else is there?

  4. Debbie

    Awww Amy … always spreading good karma. LOVE THAT ABOUT YOU. OH, and still laughing at the thought of Ken covered in wood chips LOL!!!


    I think you are a wonderful nut!

  6. Merrily

    I loved this Amy! When i bought my ticket … I said to the guy well I guess today you are the seller of DREAMS… BIG dreams!

    Couldn’t the jackpot be less and MORE people win a million…… more dreams to come true?

    Thanks for making us smile Amy!
    All the best, Merrily…….. life is but a dream

  7. Jane

    If nothing else, this ridiculous lottery seemed to bring everyone together. No matter where you went people were talking about it and you could just join in…with total strangers…and everyone seemed okay with it. Like after a huge blizzard, everyone talks with everyone. It’s nice….even if it’s just for a day.

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