Dear Vagina,

I’ve been meaning to write to you for a long time, but life… you know… get’s so busy. Cluttered. Overwhelming some times. But I have some time this morning and just wanted to sit down and write you.
There is so much, so much going on in the world about women’s rights.
Yes, your rights.
That goes under the same heading as human & equal.

This is what i wanna share with you:

You have the right to say no! as in: No, I did not invite you here, I did not invite you in.
You have the right to your own choices, and yes, good god yes, you can toss, kick, throw that person off of you if any person gets nasty, cruel, angry, defiant, drink, stoned, mean and violent. You have the right to toss that soul onto the ground, into the street, off your body.
you have the right to make a mistake and you have the right to tell that mistake to get the fuck out of town. leave you the fuck alone. take a hike. toodles.
please, always keep yourself clean and healthy, that is a vital, and very important. it is self-loving and deeply respectful.
don’t take your power lightly.
you are all powerful.
you are life giving. life nurturing. without you… there is nothing, there would be no one.
you are perfect.
you are generous (sometimes to a fault).
you are vibrant and vital, and let no man ever belittle you or disparage you. remember, without you, there are no men.
and the most important piece of advice i can give you, since summer is upon us: if you’re gonna cover yourself in a bikini, please, no hair, no stubbles. that’s, you know, unattractive. and it would attract all sorts of snarky & demeaning comments.

and last but not least:
vaginas – YOU, yes you – are god.
own it.

love, amy

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  1. Donald Sanders

    What if you don’t have a vagina? Does that mean I don’t have any rights? At least I don’t think I have one, I might and just don’t know what it is. All kidding aside, I have always known that if you are going to visit a woman’s house, it’s important to remember that it is in fact her house and you must be invited to go there and you must leave if she doesn’t want you there. Simple as that but as we all know there are those that don’t have the sense to know this, thus abuse and rape.Every young woman should read this-and yes, every young man as well and sign a roster so they cannot ever say that they didn’t know.

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