rules. i say break ’em.

“here’s to the crazy ones… the geniuses… the misfits….”
yes that MAC ad.
from years ago.
the one with the cool wonderful, striped apple.
for those of us who never felt like we fit in, that campaign, that MAC AD gave us hope.
and for some it completely changed their lives.

don’t give up, don’t give in, stand up, be brave, fuck em.

which brings me to rules.
who makes them?
i mean really?

who makes the rules?
i mean where does this stuff come from?
for example:
when you’re taking a screenwriting course, you’re told that a screenplay needs to be – should be – 120 pages long because each page represents a minute of screen time and 120 pages is – tada – two hours.
but what if you wanna write a screenplay that’s 77 pages long. what if 77 minutes is the length of the story you wanna tell? then what?
well, then, you’re told that it’s not long enough.
why, you ask?
because those are the rules.
the screenplay rules.
uh oh.
no agent for you.

another example:
writing a book proposal. why can’t a book proposal be wacky and fabulous and worthy of attention without chapter headings? what if you’re writing the most unique charming funny wacky sad poignant heartbreaking mystical piece of non fiction literature fiction memoir ever but the proposal doesn’t have chapter headings or title comparisons? then what? what if there are no books out there like yours because… holy shit, you’re supposed to be the one writing it.
uh oh.
publishers won’t read or like those kind of proposals.
uh uh. they’re unprofessional.
they want you to write the right type of proposal.
the publishing rules.

uh oh.
or uh-oh.
go start a blog, or it’s self-publishing for you.

why do we have to stop at a red light when there is clearly no one driving for miles and miles in either direction? you’re all alone at the light.
why can’t you drive through a red light if there’s no one around for miles and miles?
why sit at a traffic light for ninety-seconds, or two minutes listening to the radio, or…or… the strange noises that seem to be surrounding the car if there is no one coming or going in either direction?
isn’t that a waste of time?
(and yes i know… law, rule… in this instance, i say debatable.)

why not drink red wine with fish, or white with pasta?
i mean, who gives a shit?
and speaking of white, why can’t you wear white shoes or white boots after memorial day, or is it labor day? and really? why? what about tennis shoes? or are they sneakers?
why do you have to wait on line if someone can’t make up their mind?
really, why?
why can’t they go to the end of the line, and try and figure out what it is they want to eat, wear, buy, rent, drink, order?
i mean who comes up with the rules?
and why are they right?

okay new rule:
break a rule today.
be bold.

write your truth.
write your heart.
someone will read your book, your proposal, your screenplay, and someone will love it, and you’ll become the next big star. yes, really.
and then everyone will say: WOW COOL AMAZING A RULE BREAKER.
step out of the box.
the box you’re standing in is way too fucking small.

color outside the lines.
you know what, color everywhere.

wear white because you want to.
wear green because you like the color.

stand out.
be different.
wear your life on your sleeve.

and take a bite out of the apple.
if you don’t like it, don’t eat it.

the only thing you need to finish is what YOU BELIEVE IN.

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5 Responses to “rules. i say break ’em.”

  1. kristine

    holy mother of god. yes, yes, yes…I’ll have what she is having! I don’t like umbrella’s in the rain, I don’t use powder on my face, I don’t tie my shoes, I sometimes have chocolate for breakfast (milk chocolate at that), I build a fire in the morning even if the sun is shining, I greet strangers every where I go, since my surgery I am addicted to a soap opera, if I get a wind fall of a few extra dollars I consider it free money and give it away…I am a rule challenger and have the tickets for going thru that ridiculous red light on a country road with no traffic around, to prove it. YEAH!

  2. Debbie

    Amy … I SWEAR TO GOD I LOVE YOU!!! I so needed to read these words today. And you are so right! Who the hell makes the F*&%G rules?!?!?! Thank you for your permission/encouragement to screw the rules! AMY! AMY! AMY! AMY! You are my idol.


  3. Jane

    I, for one, have always drank white wine with ANYTHING, because I don’t like red wine. Yeah…I am that kind of crazy.

  4. Carolyn Wyler

    Love, love love it!!! I’m totally for breaking rules, there’s way too many of them.

  5. Kate

    I love rules so much I am sitting here contemplating which rule I am going to break today. In advance. Like I’ll just plan the rule breaking so no one will see it. What is the smallest rule I can break?

    Yeah, I’m gonna read this again. See if I can’t embrace that philosophy more fully. :-0 Trying.

    Obviously, I needed to read this.

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