making noise

tomorrow women unite.
we get to speak and shout and tell the world enough.
enough already.
no more of this chatter and bullshit about limiting our rights, taking our rights, obliterating our rights.
our rights.
our wrongs.
our mistakes.
our victories.
they’re ours.
our choices.
i wanna share something that happened the other day. i did something i haven’t done in like a gazillion years. i smoked some pot. yep. i got high. at first i was a little paranoid, off kilter. i stared out the car window and looked up at the clouds and thought, wow… look how pretty. white & fluffy & wow…
so, there i was in a car, staring at cloud formations when i thought about how i feel when i ask for what i want. when i ask FOR WHAT I WANT & NEED & DECLARE MYSELF.
after i ask for what i want, i can feel myself back peddling. i can feel myself feeling bad that i asked for my hearts desire.
i start to feel bad.
i start to feel less than good enough.
i start to rewrite in my head how i’m gonna take back what it is i just asked for.
and as i was going through this gyration in my head – i stopped. cold turkey. and i thought: wow, this is old shit. old stale powerless fearful stuff.
it has a long history.
it has an entire wardrobe.
it has an entire shoe box filled with photos and memories.
it also, thank god the universe the angels and deities, has an expiration date.

what’s the worse that’s going to happen if i stand up on my tippy toes and ask for what i want?
worse case: someone will say NO.
but NO is not the answer i want.
i’m not looking for a no.
i want a yes.


to ask for what we want.
to stand tall.
to keep going, moving, climbing until that yes appears.
to know that courage is found within all the no’s.
and to really know with every fiber in our being that being paid attention is only a portion of the payment due us.

our rights do not get taken away because of other people’s wrongs.


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2 Responses to “making noise”

  1. Kristine

    I am so crazy about you. Thank you again for revealing yourself as you do. I value you more than you can imagine. So when you are doubting if you are enough, call me and I will tell you just how valuable you really are.

  2. Hollye Dexter

    Ha ha ha…that’s where pot smoking took you? The last time I smoked pot all I thought about was how I could smell my own hair every time I turned my head.

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