what i learned this week…

i learned:
that being present is much more important than donating money
that a good friend reminds you of what you may have forgotten much sooner than later
that the answers are really truly inside of you, they are. i swear.
that if you can’t make a decision, do nothing. Do nothing.
that kindness far outweighs niceness.
that putting yourself last is not noble. not noble. not inspiring.
that being generous doesn’t mean giving away the whole enchilada.
that giving credit doesn’t mean not taking credit. give & take.
that sitting with something is much better than acting impulsively. sit. on. it.
never compromise. no, no, no….
to love fully & wholly doesn’t mean blindly.
to speak the truth only stings for a few minutes and requires no medication.
love is work, love is hard, love is worth it.
solar flares really cause emotional distress. oh. my. god. yes…
there is beauty everywhere. everywhere.
some people are just plain friggin’ rotten. we don’t want these people in our lives. toxic.
to snot nose cry is just as cleansing as an enema. i swear. it’s true.
miracles arrive on time. 11:11
magic does happen: one word: KRISTINE! She always – always – calls me at the right exact moment. always.
a beautiful woman will always be offered a glass of wine first.
a smart, self-confident woman will make her way to the bar.
a good man will bring you both the glass & the bottle. AKA: Ken
please & thank you can change a heart. and mind. and spirit.
that my mother – while not the best of mothers – most certainly taught me how to be a great wife, a good wife, and a passionate loving woman.
that friendship is priceless. Good friends are priceless. one word: HOLLYE!!!!!!!
everyone gets a free crazy ‘pass’. the list is long, i love them all so deeply.
no one gets a cruel mean ‘pass.’ Yes, you, crazy mean nasty person.
writing is hard. period.
the obstacles, the difficulties, & the daily challenges ARE TRULY DEEPLY the answer to your prayers.

and finally: life is messy, bring extra napkins.

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