i am bone tired…a blog rant.

i was just at walmart.
yes i was.
let’s get beyond that.
thank you.
i have experienced tornadoes at walmart, a near death experience at walmart, three very unhappy unpleasant judgmental women at walmart but today…today … i experienced what i would categorize a vile human experience at walmart, or more accurately, in their parking lot.

just for the record, incase you don’t know, we’re expecting a storm here on the east-coast the size of the universe so as you can imagine there were tons & tons of folks at walmart. stocking up. water, juice, pet food. frozen, fresh, you name it – it was being stocked up on. donut holes, that kinda stocking up.

i’m at my car, i’m putting the bags filled with storm items in the back of my car – the trunk – when a car pulls in right next to me – in the next parking spot – and the driver’s door swings open, and smashes into my passenger door, and before i can even say holy mother of god, the woman gets out of her car, stands up, and says right to my face: i am so fucking tired of you white people. as i pull the trunk slash backdoor down … she gets back into her car, and drives the fuck away.

but what didn’t go unnoticed – because i caught her eye – was that she saw our OBAMA 2012 sticker on the back trunk slash door.

i am so fucking tired of you white people. she said to me.
well, let me just say for the record i am not tired of black people.
not one bit.

but i am gonna tell you what i am tired of.

i am tired of white men, snarky, unattractive white men, telling me what i can do with my body.
i am tired of my OBAMA BIDEN sign being kicked and violated and ripped from the front of my house every fucking week.
i am tired, bone tired, of people thinking because they have more money that they’re better, smarter more entitled then the guy or girl working their bones off to pay their mortgage and get their kids through school.
i am exhausted, thoroughly fucking exhausted that there are women out there who don’t support my rights as a woman. (i mean who the fuck are you?)
i am wiped out that there are heterosexual people on this earth who don’t want homosexual people to have the same exact loving equal rights.
i am so tired of men redefining rape and incest and pedophilia.
i am throughly whipped to shit that we do not protect victims.
i am tired to the core that women are constantly violated, constantly abused, constantly mistreated.
i am more than tired that we protect rapists and pedophiles and murderers and heinous horrific acts of crime.
i am so wiped out tired that PRO-LIFE is not defined as any single human being that wakes up every single fucking day thrilled to pieces to be alive.
i am so tired that PRO CHOICE is treated as a crime rather than an opinion or decision.
i am so tired that women make 77 cents on the dollar.
i am so very very very tired that there is barely a middle class left in America.
i am bone tired that there isn’t more kindness goodness joy generosity and love in the world.
i am tired to pieces that people still talk behind your back after they’ve kissed you on your cheek.
i am wiped out that folks are often full of shit and judgmental.
i am exhausted beyond belief that there are tons & tons of double standards.
i am weary tired that how we look and how we dress and what we wear still defines us.
i am tired that crows feet are not considered sexy.
i am tired that being good enough is not enough.
i am tired that people use god as an excuse for bad, awful, shitty behavior.

i am so tired of racism, and sexism.
i am so tired of living in fear and worry.

i am tired, bone weary tired that there is so much hatred & intolerance & meanness & anger in the world.

i am so tired that i am gonna pour myself a cup of coffee, kick my feet up, and come november 6th:
I AM VOTING FOR THE BLACK GUY because i am not one bit tired of him.

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15 Responses to “i am bone tired…a blog rant.”

  1. Lori Landau

    oh my MY Amy Ferris! I’ll tell you what I’m NOT tired of: I’m NOT tired of YOU. I’m not tired of the quirky, committed, totally YOU way of expressing your soul. I’m NOT tired of the fact that no matter how tired YOU are, you still find it within to shout out the injustices of this experience we call being human. I’m NOT tired of reading and hearing you. But, in utter solidarity: I AM tired of the very same things that you are.
    And by the way, Walmart sucks. really. I hate it, and I hate their politics. So there’s that.

  2. Elaine Howe

    Wow….me too….another thing that boggles my mind is that I have “friends” who are still saying they “like” Romney & Ryan…WTH…I rcvd., in my email, 2 really cheap shot cobbed together videos against Obama . One of them said from Oklahoma State University ,which is not true…it was very obviously put togehter by some ” Patriots ” who really are too dumb & or ignorant to be ashamed of themselves ! I’m voting for the black guy too…I just love him & his wife !<3

  3. Dena Kirtley

    You always find the words to help me…understand my own feelings…and feel free to express them.

  4. Linda Bernstein

    I got here through Barbara Grufferman’s link, and I’m glad I did. This is so nicely done. Thanks.
    And I am tired of women who say they’re not voting with their vaginas and thus they can vote for Romney because, ladies, if Romney is elected there are going to be all kinds of laws about your vagina, and one thing it will lose is its right to vote.

  5. Ruth Rainwater

    Wow! Way to go!! This is what I’ve been trying to say but couldn’t find the words because I’ve been seeing red and just sputtering at all the insanity. Thank you!

  6. Madgew

    My four weeks in Provincetown and with 2 more to go, come here Amy Ferris and see how great humanity really is. This town rocks and the energy is so beneficial for my soul and I know you would be revitalized like I am in the greatness of the majority of people in this US.

  7. Diane Harvey

    Thank you Amy! I was at my lowest yesterday & you blog expressed my sentiments exactly!

  8. ACS

    atta girl.

    Get them off their asses and to the polls. Even if women don’t agree with one single, SINGLE, political position of President Obama, the fact that woman’s rights are now on the brink of extinction should be enough. Maybe not for them, but hopefully for the sake of their daughters and their grand daughters.

    The voice of reason and sanity. I am not one bit tired of that.

  9. Jsoleil

    I’m so tired that all I can say in response to this rant is ditto.

  10. Jennifer Carter

    Amen! (and thank you)

  11. kritine

    holy mother of sacredness…you said it all. I refuse to believe at this particular moment that we are going to surrender to the Republican agenda and way of life. I can’t imagine, I just can’t imagine.

  12. kay rutherford

    this is grand and great and eloquent. i am with you on every single frickin’ word. you go girl! you go me! you go strong healthy not silent wonderful women!

  13. DebraDeAngelo

    Wow… what a purge! I love you, Amy…. and I will NEVER EVER be tired of you!

  14. ACS

    Let’s write something to get women to the polls tomorrow. The difference will be woman. Remind them; even if they don’t give a fuck about anything else, their right to choose what is right for their body, should have them jumplng off the barko lounger.

    Put it out there!

  15. June O'Hara

    This comment is belated. (I MUST figure out RSS feeds.) But it’s election night and — I’m not proud of this — I voted for my very first time. Finally, I have a solid opinion that I hope will matter. For all my bitching about bad parkers and ineffective shoehorns (that’s a post to come), I share your values and hope they prevail.

    I do so love your writing.

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