see ken shovel

see ken.
see ken shovel.
see ken say SHIT.
see ken pee in the snow.
see ken make the snow yellow.
see ken wipe his forehead and get hit with a bunch of falling snow from a tree.
see ken put his shovel down.
see ken get on his knees.
see ken scream to the heavens.
see ken look just like willem dafoe in platoon.
see ken get up.
see ken pick up the shovel.
see ken shovel.
see ken say FUCK YOU.
see ken say FUCK IT.
see amy waving to ken from inside the warm toasty house, where both kitties rub up against her and give her kisses.
see ken give amy the finger.
see amy blow ken a big kiss.
see ken misinterpret that gesture.
see ken walking toward the house.

see amy.

see amy shovel.

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2 Responses to “see ken shovel”

  1. gae polisner

    how’s the back feeling? 🙂

  2. Maya North

    Darryl Does. Not. Shovel. I love you madly. HEEEE heee heee…

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