i had this amazing moment in walmart today. yes, walmart. forgive me, i live in a rural area. i no longer buy shoes at prada, i buy shoes at peebles. but as always, i digress. a man, a trump supporter – the give-a-way was a ‘make america great again’ tee-shirt – didn’t have enough money to pay for his groceries & baby supplies. i was behind him on line. he started to remove some food, diapers… i tapped him on the shoulder and said: i got this, i got you covered. both he & the cashier were speechless. he was also embarrassed. i get that. he thanked me in a sorta sheepish way. i winked, and said: really, i got this. and then he said: that’s so kind. i hope some day i can repay you. i said – not at all sheepishly – vote for hillary. she’s also got your back. it was a moment. a weird fucking strange moment. it was also after 5PM. rush hour at walmart. he looked me up & down, and then he looked me in my eyes and asked: you like her? i said, like her? you bet. i’m with her. she’s sassy. like you, he said. yeah, i said. then i said: i don’t know if you have a baby girl or a baby boy, but trust me, as president she will make sure that your child is taken care of, grows up believing – knowing – that anything is possible. he hugged me, and thanked me, and said: i trust you.

i didn’t say fuck.
not once.
i am so fucking proud that i didn’t say fuck once.

donald trump will not be president because there is much more good in this world than there is bad.
and love wins.

love will win, people, love will win.

beginning of story.

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  1. Jon Freedman

    Wow. What a wonderful tale of kindness, generosity, and redemption.

    I try to imagine myself in a similar situation and I’m fairly certain I would not be able to get past how much I despise DJT to do what you did.

    I love your voice.

    You talk about your own experiences rather than tell me how I should feel about things.

    I’ve struggled with a fair number of mid-life blogs where the authors position themselves as self-help gurus. It just isn’t my cup of green tea.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Cathleen Davis

    I just found you while sitting here in Charleston waiting for Hurricane Matthew to hit, and worrying about all the potential ramifications of that event. Leafing through your writing is the first peace I have experienced in days. Thank you. I think this is the beginning of a writer reader love affair.

  3. Wesley Mahan

    This is the first Amy Ferris piece I’ve read. It was a good one: a tear came to my eye.

    I’m in Portland, a now-geographically-distant friend of Corie Skolnick. I finally succumbed to her 100+ mentions of you on Facebook, and I’m glad I did.

    So now I depart on a journey down the Amy Ferris rabbit hole … as if at 69 I actually have enough time left in life to explore every rabbit hole that appears and/or appeals …

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