Dear Tina Hubrecht

“Pregnancy by rape is God’s “Silver Lining”
– Missouri Rep. Tila Hubrecht

Dear Tila,
I hope this finds you well & you have enough Kool-Aid to last the week; I also hope you’re sitting down, with your legs & ankles crossed.

Pregnancy by rape is not a silver lining. It is a fucking crime. A horrific violent crime, and it should be punishable with years, if not life, in prison. Let’s repeat that together, Tila: pregnancy by rape is not a silver lining. It is a fucking crime. Please, write that down in your little notebook and earmark that page, so when you’re talking to young girls about sex and boys, you will go to that page and read that out-loud because no young girl or young woman should believe that crock of shit.

One more thing before I go – another little tidbit to scribble down – an abortion is not a God awful horrendous choice; the bad choice, the awful choice, the really shitty choice is the boyfriend or the one night stand or the every Tuesday guy who leaves the girl or woman high & dry when he finds out that she’s pregnant at the age of 15, or 17 or 19, or 22 – and he chooses – because men get to make choices without anyone giving them shit – he chooses to have absolutely nothing to do with her because he doesn’t wanna have a kid, or doesn’t like her anymore, or his wife is not gonna be happy that he had a side-fuck, and uh-oh he forgot to use a condom – so his choice – the one he gets to make, is to bolt. Leave. Walk away. Leaving her wholly & fully responsible. In other words, he aborted their relationship – he was the god-awful choice she made. The abortion she chose to have is what saved her life, and probably his, because you know what, women have empathy & common sense.

And by the way, Tila, clouds have a silver fucking lining, rape does not.

Best & warm,

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3 Responses to “Dear Tina Hubrecht”

  1. Christina

    Thank you for writing this. Exactly! And forcing a woman to have a baby and the pain of even adoption— how about how the woman? Even these religious men do not care about the woman. They might care about their so called perfect life in their little white fences neighborhood. Yet, none of them show love at all especially towards women. In fact, religious people have murdered people such as Natives and the only love they feel is for people they think are worthy. Glad someone like you wrote a woman’s view without shaming her. Wished the man was shamed and even had to quit school if got a woman pregnant.

  2. Thomas Cappiello

    I wish more people would see it that way. Not nearly enough do.

  3. Sebastian M

    Another crazed and triggered liberal blessed by the ugly stick.

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