Amy Ferris


A bit about me:

An author.
A screen & television writer.
A journalist & editor.

I am married to Ken, who I am crazy nuts about. We have been married for 16 years. Some years have been better than others, and I’m sure he can give you, upon request, exact dates.

I love writing about(all things) women. I love championing & supporting & encouraging & inspiring women, and my fervent wish (and prayer) is that all women awaken to their greatness: using their lives fully, with passion, compassion, determination, hope, self-fullness, humor, truth, authenticity, power, boldness, kindness and forgiveness. I want women to forgive themselves for all those old antiquated belief systems that were instilled and engraved in their lives by others who just didn’t know any better.

I have two cats: Bella, and Lotus. Bella is named after Bella Abzug, and Lotus after the Lotus Sutra.

I am a Buddhist for 36 years, although I can honestly say that some days I don’t act very bodhissattva like. I plan on working on that for the remainder of my life.

Having spent a full term (7.5 years) in menopause prison, I am now free to live & interact among others. I have many, many, many girlfriends. My best boy friend is Peter Werner.

I serve on the Board of Directors at Peters Valley Art, Education & Craft Center, on the Advisory Board of The Women’s Media Center and am Co-chair of Safe Haven, Inc. – creating domestic peace for women, children, and men.

I am (soon to be) 54 years old. 

I dropped out of High School when I was fifteen and a half, and I have never looked back. Coming from a middle class Jewish family on Long Island, this was, as you can well imagine, not received as well as I hoped. My parents sat shiva for two years.